Video: military drills for People’s Republic of China 60th anniversary


Global for metune in!

Henry Morton sends video form China

Afternoon, bloggers.

We have a great video for you all today that captured recent military drills in China.

Our Global Radio News parent received some video from one of its China correspondents today.

Meet GRN correspondent Henry Morton, currently operating in Beijing. Henry shot some footage of the People’s Liberation Army’s Third Guard Division, and we’re sharing it with you.

The division is drilling for their upcoming 60th anniversary on August 1, as well as the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic in China in October.

At the moment, the full video (11:42 min) is available for viewing on our Ning network, Sell News. Click here to view the page where the video is hosted.

We’d of course provide the video on YouTube, but we were stuck with its 10:00 limit.

And to throw in a bit of a teaser, here’s a small gallery of screenshots from the video:

And of course the video itself.

Hope you enjoyed the brief look at what’s going on in China outside headline news. We’re all about connecting you directly to the reporter behind the news desk – which in this case is Henry Morton.

Special thanks to Henry for sending in the video for this post.

Happy viewing,


–GFM Team

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Bastille Day ’09 in London, a celebration for all (French)


Global for meen français…

Global For French Bastille Day London video report

Afternoon, bloggers!

Weeks ago, we launched our French version of our main website, as well as pitched a potential French-only story about Bastille Day celebrations in London. Our French readers answered in gusto.

So here it is. Catherine of Global for French has finished her Bastille Day in London report. We’ve uploaded it onto our YouTube channel for easy viewing, but if you want to see it in higher quality, head over to our VieBlogger page.

A message from Catherine…

Global For French vous présente son premier reportage vidéo consacré à la communauté française de Londres célébrant sa Fête Nationale à Battersea Park un dimanche de juillet…

Bastille Day London, un reportage de Catherine Tonero, Simon Fisher et Fabian Mofid.

Commentez, partagez et surtout donnez-nous vos idées pour de nouveaux reportages!


Catherine & Kim

–GFM Team

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The GRN Live team proudly presents our YouTube channel


Global for metune in!

Global Radio News launches a YouTube channel.

Afternoon, bloggers!

Members of our parent company, Global Radio News (also known as GRN Live) have been working hard on its YouTube channel debut.

The GlobalRadioNews YouTube channel is set to include various content from our reporters across the world. Most recently, a new promotional video has been released in two languages so far, including French.

We’d like for you, the viewers, to submit ideas, comment, rate, subscribe and post video responses to our videos. With your help we can provide stories that can only be seen here.

It’s all about connecting the readers (or in this case, viewers) with the reporters behind the news desk.

If you’re not familiar with YouTube, head on over to our GRN channel and have a look for yourself and you’ll be able to catch on quickly.

Don’t be shy. We want your feedback so we can provide the best content for all of you to witness.

Here’s an embed of our English version, click here to listen/view to our French.

Global Radio News English Promo



–GFM Team

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