GRN Correspondent Simon Lane releases new book


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Global Radio is pleased to announce correspondent Simon Lane has released a new book, The Real Illusion. It was released in September and is now available online to purchase.


GRN correspondent Simon Lane is based out of Rio de Janeiro and has written five books.

Description of Book: This book is an anthology of twenty-one stories spanning nearly three decades. Simon Lane’s writing offers a journey of the mind, reflecting the peripatetic nature of the author’s life, or lives. Sharp reportage joins lyrical and metaphorical explorations of the human condition to create a world of its own, always tinted with the most refined sense of humour, no matter what the subject. Enjoy the ride, from Los Angeles to London, from Iceland to Mexico. This will entertain and inspire the most well-travelled reader, indeed anyone seeking a moment’s respite within the eye of the storm.

The Real Illusion

The Real Illusion was published in September 2009.

The Real Illusion launched in Paris at Shakespeare & Co. last week and is coming to London at the Chelsea Arts Club on 21 October. You can also view and buy Lane’s book by clicking here.

Background on Author: Simon Lane writes for a variety of publications. He has been a correspondent in Rio de Janeiro since 2001 and covers all aspects of life in Brazil. Past books include Le Veilleur, Still-Life with Books, Fear, and Word of Mouth.

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