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A little press update, Global for me was featured last week on Mashable, the online social media guide.

Mashable’s Leah Betancourt wrestled the many issues and obstacles GFM and its fellows face in Is Crowdfunding the Future of Journalism?

A sample of the article…

Crowdfunding, or getting many people to donate small amounts of cash to fund a project, startup, or service, is nothing new. Think public radio or television pledge drives. Think political campaigns. Think tip jar. Now, as the media landscape changes and traditional revenue sources are beginning to disappear, some forward-thinking journalists and entrepreneurs are starting to apply the crowdfunding concept to the news. A new crop of sites are combining crowdfunding with volunteer and professional contributions in order to source news that people want to read.

There are two issues with crowdfunded sites that also have volunteer journalists, however: who’s going to pay for it and who’s going to write it. These sites are experimenting with ways of answering these questions…

Read on for your curiosity if it has yet to be sated. And many heartfelt thanks for our GFM readers, commentors and supporters.

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