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Journalist, Sébastien Pichon.

Here at Global for Me, we are always interested in new ways of reaching an audience interested in current and world affairs.

Correspondent, Sébastien Pichon, has launched a new satirical radio chronicle, News Delirium that is both serious and funny. Documenting the things happening in France that are important, fun or just down-right eccentric: to listen to his chronicle online just,Click here.

Would you be interested in following his show every week? Give us your feedback, we’d love to know what you think.



-GFM Team


Listen in: Exclusive podcast by CBS’ Peter King on NASA’s latest moon adventure



Afternoon, bloggers!

Your friendly neighborhood Global for me blogger here, just call me GFKim. Today I’m bringing a bit of news to you – with a twist.

Days ago, GFM followers expressed interest in NASA’s latest lunar project. We listened, and CBS Kennedy Space Center correspondent Peter King answered. This story was covered for you!

For those curious, GFM is a new journalism experiment by international news providor Global Radio News. GRN manages 600 freelance journalists all over the world, and now we want to make them available for news consumers like you. No “middle man” whatsoever. It’s about what you want covered, not news agencies. Step on up!

(Seriously, we’re not shy. Why should you be?)

Introductions aside, GFM is excited to present an exclusive podcast by King, commissioned by you.

audio CBS Peter King NASA lunar mission podcast – click here to listen!

Congratulations on making this happen. We’re glad to work with you…!

Also, don’t forget: NASA’s lastest moon exploration is far from over. Keep tabs on the story through fun little things such as LRO’s own little Twitter page, or LCROSS too. Or for those less fond of social media, follow the old-fashioned way through NASA’s LRO and LCROSS mission pages.

Perhaps if things get interesting, we can ask King to broadcast for you again…



–GFM Team

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