Sébastien Pichon creates, “News Delirium”.


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Sébastien Pichon Radio Chronicles

Welcome viewers!


Journalist, Sébastien Pichon.

Here at Global for Me, we are always interested in new ways of reaching an audience interested in current and world affairs.

Correspondent, Sébastien Pichon, has launched a new satirical radio chronicle, News Delirium that is both serious and funny. Documenting the things happening in France that are important, fun or just down-right eccentric: to listen to his chronicle online just,Click here.

Would you be interested in following his show every week? Give us your feedback, we’d love to know what you think.



-GFM Team

Bastille Day ’09 in London, a celebration for all (French)


Global for meen français…

Global For French Bastille Day London video report

Afternoon, bloggers!

Weeks ago, we launched our French version of our main website, as well as pitched a potential French-only story about Bastille Day celebrations in London. Our French readers answered in gusto.

So here it is. Catherine of Global for French has finished her Bastille Day in London report. We’ve uploaded it onto our YouTube channel for easy viewing, but if you want to see it in higher quality, head over to our VieBlogger page.

A message from Catherine…

Global For French vous présente son premier reportage vidéo consacré à la communauté française de Londres célébrant sa Fête Nationale à Battersea Park un dimanche de juillet…

Bastille Day London, un reportage de Catherine Tonero, Simon Fisher et Fabian Mofid.

Commentez, partagez et surtout donnez-nous vos idées pour de nouveaux reportages!


Catherine & Kim

–GFM Team

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Global for French just got a little more colorful


Global for meen français…

Photo gallery for Global for French

Afternoon again, bloggers!

Busy day for the GFM Team, but we have one more thing to share with you today.

We updated our Global for French blog page with photos from South Kensington, the French area of London. Take a look.

A little preview, click the image to head to the Global for French blog page.

Until next time, au revoir.

Sincères salutations,

Catherine & Kim

–GFM Team

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