The UK’s DNA data base – what do you think?


Over on our stories section, we’ve suggested the UK’s growing DNA library and the current events arising from the debate surrounding it as something that we’d like to know more about. The Home Office declares it a “vital crime-fighting tool” that had linked more than 410,000 crime scenes with a DNA match and a possible lead to an offender between 1998 and March 2009. However The Human Genetics Commission, an advisory body to the government has stated it’s concern that “function creep” has seen the DNA store turn from a database of offenders into a list of suspects.

Over three-quarters of black men aged between 18 and 35 are on the system. And eight percent of the British population is on the database meaning that proportionally to population it is the world’s biggest.

“Parliament has never formally debated the establishment of the National DNA Database and safeguards around it,” commission chairman Professor Jonathan Montgomery.

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