Gordon Brown’s borrowed time and African tragedy at the Cup of Nations


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We’ve seen Gordon Brown against the ropes before and he fought back to hold on a little longer, but under renewed pressure can he really see this fight through to the end? With David Milliband now deemed a bottler for his role in las weeks attempted coup, is there anyone who could really offer a viable alternative for the party in the run up to the next election? Up on our story page we’ve suggested you might want our correspondents to find out more for you on the continued challenges to Gordon Brown’s authority as leader of New Labour in the run up to the next election…

Meanwhile over in Africa tragedy threatened to tear apart ther Africa Cup of Nations. However it has now commenced and with our network of correspondents in the region on standby, let us know the stories you want more on. Check out the story pitch here, as we wonder whether the cup can triumph over tragedy.

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