The world is doomed and so is the Queen – Merry Christmas from Global for me


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[Story Ticker] December 21st: update

Global for me has a rather gloomy ticker board at the moment, and all at Christmas time! Sorry, but with the worsening climate and the Copenhagen Summit’s failure to reach any conclusion – we’re highlighting that our correspondents are  able to provide coverage and analysis from all over the world and give us the low-down on what is going on and might be done next. Here is our suggestion. You can suggest your story ideas here today.

Meanwhile amidst the recession- even the British Royal Family is having a difficult time too. Escalating costs mean that they are set to clash with the government about finances in the near future. At Global for me –  we have the royal and constitutional experts to explain the problems, potential solutions and the likelihood of all possible outcomes. Can you image a Britain with out the Royal Family? Check our our suggested story here.

What ever story you are looking for more on, Global for me is here for you. So find out more of what we’re all about and see if you can get your story idea to gather enough buzz to gain pledges and get comissioned!

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Give us Your Feedback: Corporate funding of religious right wing in US



Welcome back bloggers!

We recently received astory idea from a Global for me reader, about the use of right wing religious-political groups to lobby for corporations.

Does this story arouse your suspicions? Here was the proposal from our reader:

Allegedly, corporations are using right wing religious-political groups as fronts to fight the introduction of regulations that will hinder their ability to profit from practices that are detrimental to the interests of the majority of society. An alleged example,Cornwall Alliance supposedly uses religion to fight the overwhelming scienctific evidence of global warming, which protects banks, real estate developers, etc. who are profiting from cutting down rainforests to build $1M energy pig “tar paper shacks” on US farmland.

Do you want aGlobal for Me journalist to investigate this story? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Thanks for your support,


-GFM Team

A different kind of rubbish: a reporter’s tale


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Update #2 from [A rubbish story].

Morning, bloggers!

Although it seemed by yesterday that the Brazilian rubbish story came to an end, Brazilian correspondent Simon Lane updated his blog on a different kind of “rubbish” stirring up Brazilian authorities.

Here’s a snippet of Simon’s Sell News blog here, hosted by our Global Radio News Ning network. Click on to read the full entry.

“Tourists Robbed in Rio Shock!” … THE LATEST !!!

Posted by Simon Lane on July 30, 2009 at 12:30am

“Two 23-year old English girls (women?) reported being robbed on Sunday here in Rio. Not exactly headline news except they were lying…” I started writing this story yesterday and was obliged to stop, thankfully, as I was asked to do a follow up on the rubbish story (toxic waste illegally imported from the UK). Well, sorry to be cruel, but now I realize there is no end to British rubbish in sight I must continue, if only to make a living. Read on.

Thanks again, Simon.

If you’re curious as to what all this rubbish is about, you can start at the beginning. It all began with a stranded ship containing illegally-imported rubbish (garbage) sitting off the Brazilian coast.

The first update to the rubbish story can be found here.

All the best,


–GFM Team

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Update on the Brazil rubbish story: the rubbish is on the move


Global for meblog bits

An update from [A rubbish story].

Morning, bloggers!

A few days ago, we brought up a little blog report from one of Global Radio News’ Brazilian correspondents, Simon Lane.

Simon noticed that there was an awful lot of rubbish sitting just off the Brazilian coast, and wrote about the how’s and why’s on our Ning network, Sell News.

To quickly sum up, the rubbish – or shiploads of garbage – was from the United Kingdom, and arrived at the coast of Brazil to dump its load. However, the Brazilian government barred the rubbish cargo from Brazilian soil, and a political and media tussle began.

Simon’s first entry on the rubbish story is located here.

Our original blog post about the story is likewise here.

Today, Simon tells us that the rubbish is on the move again:

“Who’s going to recycle a condom?” – President Lula

Posted by Simon Lane on July 28, 2009 at 7:30pm

Everyone wants to know what’s happening to the 1 600 tons of toxic waste illegally imported from the UK into Brazil recently. Well, it’s all going back to the old country so get your masks on if they’re any left down at Boots. In fact, no less than 41 containers were sealed by IBAMA (Brazil’s Eco-cops) last week and should be on their way, if not now, then, er, shortly. The story, according to the laws of disproportionate tragedy, seems to have disappeared from the Brazilian press today – in vain did I seek a vituperative outburst in the letters’ pages but the natives still show great deference to bold empires – the last gem to hand being an amusing report by an O GLOBO correspondent from a couple of days ago. There’s a nice photo of Environment Minister Carlos Minc pointing to an open container in mask and outsize black gloves and a wonderful reaction from the president of the republic, Lula, on a visit to São Paulo: “They (rich countries) are so clean and pollution-conscious … but who’s going to recycle a condom?” Good point. Lula and Minister Minc are enjoying some moral high ground for a moment so let them have their turn … besides, there’s a clean view up there. Lula made it quite clear what he thought of everyone lecturing Brazil on “inhuman working conditions” (that must be the third thing people don’t like about this country I forgot to mention in my previous post) in sugar cane plantations, which produce one of Brazil’s principal exports, high-grade ethanol, which the Greenies love so much as it is reduces all those nasty emissions. But what price slavery if we can all breathe a bit better in the knowledge that sea levels will not, after all, be over our heads by Christmas? Let’s get some perspective here! As for the work in hand, everything is under control and running to schedule, the 1.3 million dollar fine for “crimes against the environment” (that’s one notch below genocide) gratefully received and stored for a special occasion. Let’s use that money wisely to celebrate global inclusiveness and safe-sex hedonism irrespective of social orientation. Waste not, want not …

Read the entry on our Ning, Sell News.

Special thanks for an e-mail from last night from a GFM blog reader. Their letter tipped us to the update in Brazil issued a few days ago, and we immediately rung up Simon to hear his voice from the ground.

Global for me enjoys working alongside you – it’s all about connecting you to the reporter behind the news desk.

So far we’ve covered this story with simple blogs and e-mails, but if you would like more comprehensive news coverage on this controversial rubbish, let us know. Hop over to our Suggest and Fund page for more information.



–GFM Team

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Earth Journalism Awards

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A rubbish story, literally – Brazil rejects Britain’s shipped rubbish


Global for meblog bits

From our Ning network, Sell News.

Good morning, bloggers!

A little something funny was posted on our Ning network Sell News two days ago by Simon Lane. Simon is one of our correspondents in Brazil, and he wrote about a rubbish controversy between Great Britain and Brazil.

Here’s the entry on our Ning, and here’s the full post by Simon down below:

Winter is upon us

Posted by Simon Lane on July 20, 2009 at 3:00am

A winter Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. Yes, we have seasons here: the leaves don’t fall off the trees but we get spring, summer, autumn and winter just like everyone else. At this time of year, the temperature can fall a bit and we are all getting colds. It seems we’re also getting rubbish, loads of it; from England, of all places. The BBC reports that Brazilian authorities are trying to return 1 400 tonnes of toxic waste, around 90 shipping containers, to Felixstowe, that were delivered to Santos, near São Paulo, along with two other ports in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It’s messy. Apart from the plastic bottles, condoms and other assorted items of a used nature, there are also English newspapers, including some tabloids. Tabloids! It was the latter that gave the game away apparently. “Yesterday’s news to wrap tomorrow’s fish”? Nothing so poetic. We’re talking evidence of the most damnable nature, cut-up photos and articles spilling the beans from the old country (“Kev is a swinger!”) onto the quaysides of mighty Brazil. IBAMA, the Brazilian environment agency, has made it clear that Brazil is not the world’s rubbish dump. Quite so. Just why do we get so much rubbish here, by the way? Everyone lectures Brazilians about trees, poverty and … there’s a third thing I keep on forgetting … but now, at last, Brazil can lecture the lecturers! Throw it in the North Sea, people, and let us get on with our winter unhindered, spring is on its way and the trees, shrubs and plants will soon be flowering (except for the ones we’ve gratuitously cut down, of course). I like IBAMA, the eco-police, about as much as I like Greenpeace, but for once the acronym is working for the common good. How about sending us something nice from up north for a change? We dispatch the most beautiful women and the best footballers from these blessed shores and what do we get in return for it? Just a bunch of has-been hipsters, cast-off crooners, bin-end tree-huggers, mealy-mouthed misery-mongers and whining end-of-the-worldists stretching all the way from Paraty to Pernambuco … and now, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re getting actual non-licensed, imported white trash! Of course, like the seasons, we can deal with it all, we have a first-rate criminal class to filter the riff-raff and excellent cleaning staff to dispose of our personal rubbish when and where we like, we’re kind and hospitable for the most part but we can’t possible take on this barrage of Suns, Mirrors and condoms all in one go. Who could? But then that must be why it was sent down to us in the first place?

This immediately caught the attention of other members on Sell News. Here’s the commentary that follows:

Henry Peirse:
Great post…do you have a video camera or even a phone with a camera?

Simon Lane:
I am a bit far from the crime scene but I’ll see what I can do. I did find a rather unconvincing fake snapshot on Reuter’s site … the ground and general setting look more Hamspstead Heath than Santos container dock.

Henry Peirse:
Now I’ve read this – I get your e-mail – sorry 🙂

kim esteve:
What are they going to do with this stuff now, Dump it in the Atlantic Ocean? Africa?I think that the major point of the story is to follow it to it’s conclusion. Where is this ending Up.

Simon Lane:
It’s stuck in containers in Santos and Rio Grande do Sul for the next month or two and then should be returned to the UK although I doubt it. If you see any British tabloids blowing past you in SP please take a picture.

Hope you enjoyed the insight. Simon raises some interesting questions about the rubbish relations (so to speak) between Great Britain and Brazil. But there’s another question to ponder in light of the Earth Journalism Awards: where does the world’s trash go, anyway?

A little food for thought. Or rather – a little rubbish to mull over.

Ring us up if you want to make it into a full-blown journalism story – that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

Anchors away,


–GFM Team

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Earth Journalism Awards

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Sound your voice on climate change issues!


Global for menews bits

On [Earth Journalism Awards].

G’morning, bloggers!

Once again, we’re flagging down all journalists (professional, amateur and citizen alike) and the environmental-savvy to step up and sound out on climate change issues.

We received more information from our partner on the upcoming Earth Journalism Awards.

So here’s a little more info about the competition…

Professional journalists and citizen journalists from around the world are invited to apply to the Earth Journalism Awards through the EJA website ( where they will be able to upload their climate change reports in any media until September 7 2009.

Internews’ Earth Journalism Awards encourages high-quality local climate change coverage leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, December 8-18 2009 in Copenhagen (COP15). An independent international jury will select the Earth Journalism Award winners, who will be invited to participate in training, as well as given expert and logistics support so that they can accurately and efficiently report on the negotiations at the COP15.

The follow awards are available:

  • Negotiation Award
  • Human Voices Award
  • Climate Change and Energy Award
  • Adaptation Award
  • Forests Award
  • Climate Change and Nature Award
  • Regional Award
  • Global Public Award
  • MTV Positive Change Award

Partners and sponsors of the Earth Journalism Awards include the COP15 host country, the Government of Denmark; MTV International; The World Bank; the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Protection of Territory and Sea; the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation; the Edgerton Family Foundation; the Global Campaign for Climate Action; Flip Video Spotlight; and the Global Forum for Media Development.

Spread the fire through all channels. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) This is a great opportunity for journalists from all walks of life to participate.

In addition, Global for me will be hosting online climate change debates up until the Sept. 7 deadline. Speak out and let your voice be heard, and we’ll connect you with one of our journalists.

It’s all about connecting people like you to the reporters behind the news desk. No middle man or corporation involved.

Think on it. Let us know. E-mail us, comment on our blog or join us on Twitter with @GFMEditor.

Spread the word. The Earth Journalism Awards are coming.



–GFM Team

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List o’ Links:

• Our first post about our partnership with the Earth Journalism Awards.

• The list of our journalists on the Global Radio News website.

Click for more information as well as competition rules from the EJA website.

Create an account at the EJA website to upload your work. All submissions are valid if produced after Dec. 15, 2008.

Earth Journalism Awards

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Much a-Twitter about the G8 and climate change


Global Twittertweets today

Blogging the tweets from Twitter.

Morning, bloggers!

When the Global for me office wakes up in the morning, the western hemisphere is still asleep. Regardless, Twitter is always wide awake and all a-flutter over the world’s current issues.

Today, one of the major Twitter trends was the G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy. Simply put, it’s always a big story when the world’s most powerful leaders gather in one place – with the exception of Chinese President Hu Jintao, respectively. The headlines from Xinjiang keep coming in.

But a whole other flurry of tweets erupted from G8 conversations: climate change. So we joined the fray to hear what other Twitter users think.

Our question…

@GFMEditor: The G8 Summit hammers out a new climate change bill. What do you want to see on it?

@kim_bach massive investing in getting rid of fossile fuels: highspeed trains, moving cargo by trains and ships that are windpowered

Which led to…

@GFMEditor Climate change is always a touchy subject among the big powers. What about developing countries?

@theginlady If India/China fail to sign up, it is coz Industrial world have failed to communicate their own mistakes. Clean Tech is better.

@Societas_ as many Developing Nations are rich in renewable energy resources Developed Nations work with them on joint on projects.

@Societas_ we propose that tackling energy issues will also help tackle conflict issue – giving nations greater energy security.

Another user brought up the proposed 50% reduction of emissions, but the BBC reports that some G8 leaders have proposed for rich countries to reduce carbon emissions by 80%. By 2050, that is.

She had this to say…

@Barros_Isabel Very, very ambitious. A reduction of 80% doesn’t even seem viable. Lot’s of work to be done…

And of course, we couldn’t stay quiet on Iran for too long…

@GFMEditor 156 dead in Xinjiang, but news coverage quantity doesn’t equate the election protests in Iran. Strange, or not?

@berkgun It’s not strange. Iran is a political issue for USA and UK but they don’t really care death bodies of innocent people.

This particular tweet was retweeted by @iranfreelection.

Have something to say? Tweet us. But for now – thus concludes our morning tweets, only because 12 o’clock noon is only 20 minutes away!



–GFM Team

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