The world is doomed and so is the Queen – Merry Christmas from Global for me


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[Story Ticker] December 21st: update

Global for me has a rather gloomy ticker board at the moment, and all at Christmas time! Sorry, but with the worsening climate and the Copenhagen Summit’s failure to reach any conclusion – we’re highlighting that our correspondents are  able to provide coverage and analysis from all over the world and give us the low-down on what is going on and might be done next. Here is our suggestion. You can suggest your story ideas here today.

Meanwhile amidst the recession- even the British Royal Family is having a difficult time too. Escalating costs mean that they are set to clash with the government about finances in the near future. At Global for me –  we have the royal and constitutional experts to explain the problems, potential solutions and the likelihood of all possible outcomes. Can you image a Britain with out the Royal Family? Check our our suggested story here.

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