We’ve partnered up! GFM and Internews shake hands for upcoming Earth Journalism Awards


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On [Earth Journalism Awards].

Calling all science, professional, amateur, citizen and journalist supporters alike!

Listen up! Global for me has partnered up with Internews.

Big deal, why does that matter? You may ask.

It’s big. We’re now in the midst of a huge competition for journalists from of all walks of life. The topic? Earth.

The Earth Journalism Awards is challenging journalists to report on climate change issues – ranging from extremely local to overwhelmingly global. The limits are pretty much limitless at this point in time. But really, don’t let us bore you, EJA lays it all out very nicely on their website.

(If you’re already interested in such a competition, skip ahead to EJA’s rules. If you already have something finished as of after Dec. 15, 2008 hurry up and create an account to submit your work! You lose nothing from just losing. You get nothing from not trying at all.)

But here’s the thing: GFM wants to take a different approach with this. Earth journalism is literally a bountiful topic, with endless story possibilities. Let’s discuss what you’re interested in, what you want to know about climate change or climate action.

…Is it a specific region of the world, such a shrinking ice at the North Pole?

…Or is it local farm communities, coping with new weather patterns?

…Are you more interested in affected coastal towns, or arguing politicians?

…Are you interested in the nitty gritty details of Earth’s climate, and whether climate change is manmade at all?

Remember, GFM’s ultimate goal is to connect readers to the reporters behind the news desk. No corporate interest or middle man. Just journalism – good ol’ freelance journalism.

As you can see, EJA’s topic is a daunting one. So many angles are possible. So GFM is pushing for news readers, bloggers and journalists alike to pitch the story ideas onto the table, bang them out and submit them into the competition.

Spread the word. The Earth Journalism Awards are coming.



–GFM Team

E-mail your story ideas to  

P.S. – expect an Earth Journalism blog page with climate discussions very soon.

Earth Journalism Awards

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