A list of questions for us and you.

What are we?

This isn’t an orthodox FAQ. We decided to take a different approach to things.

Global for me asks these questions to all news consumers out there in the world:

• Do you feel the media is ignoring a story that is close to your heart?

• Do you want to know more about any story?

• Do you feel some parts of the world aren’t getting the exposure they deserve?

• Is there a question you’ve always wanted to ask a president, a general, a politician or a celebrity?

Journalists everywhere want to make stories that don’t fit into traditional media. GFM is the place you can order these stories, read them and own them – get the backstory, the detail.

The big question: what happens in the world when the traditional news networks go home?

We work daily with experienced journalists on the in all corners of the world – some of these correspondents have up to 15 years of reporting experience. We’re not joking. If it’s important to you, it’s important to them – pay them directly and the story is in your inbox.

This is what we’re all about: connecting you to the reporter behind the news desk.

Be ahead of the game. All you have to do is just ask.

If enough of you want a story and pay towards it, we’ll produce it. This is crowdsourced news, a new model for newsgathering and delivery. Welcome to another idea of journalism 2.0.

Global Radio News stands behind every reporter. GRN is the real thing – recognised professional journalists who will prepare your story upholding all the vital standards and practices recognised in the news business.

We’re not confined to any format. These stories can be videos, podcasts, text or pictures… you decide.

Why this idea? Why GFM? These are the problems we combat in journalism today…

Problem one:

  • Shrinking budgets are killing news organizations, and sliding advertising revenues can make networks unable or unwilling to pay for enough quality journalism. Some of the most experienced or decorated journalists in the field go unrewarded, and stories are lost.

Problem two:

  • Too much news is dictated by PR and brands – why read about something that’s been strategically placed there because the product is advertised on another page?

Problem three:

  • When was the last time you read a really honest review? Journalists are not really allowed to write them. Or if they do, it could be the end of their career on those pages – it becomes simply a goal of keeping the brand happy, or else there is no food on the table. By brand, we mean anything from a politician, to a celebrity or even consumer goods.

One solution: if enough of you are paying for it, the horror story outlined above can’t happen.

Final bit: so we’re asking you, once the stories are done…

  • Do you want us to publish the stories you’ve paid for? Do you want us to put them in a place for everyone to read?
  • Do you want your name attached in an Honors list, which will list those that made the story happen?
  • Would you be happy to pay for a story where we keep the name of the reporter hidden, as writing the story might get them in trouble with the authorities?

Think on it. Global for me is journalism for you – your choice, your story – provided for you by some of the best reporters in the business.

Let’s get started.

What do you think? Contact us by e-mail at info at globalfm dot com. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

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