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Although the word “exclusive” is often touted around the Internet these days, this particular page actually contains content that is… well, actually exclusive. This simply means that these reports cannot be found anywhere else – unless, of course, you decide to spread them.

Listed below are commissioned stories, podcasts or interviews completed by our correspondents for you.

All these stories go through a crowdsourced and crowd funded process, meaning they are supported by your initial interest and later on your donations.

For more information about this process, head to our FAQ as well as Suggest & Fund pages.

It’s all about connecting to the reporter behind the news desk, and making the news work for you. Thank you for helping make these reports happen.

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20 July 2009 – Bastille Day in London – video report

[Global For French]

Commissioned report for Global For French about Bastille Day celebrations in London, England.

07 July 2009 – Stories from Helmand – video reports

[Stories from Helmand]

Freelancer Jerome Starkey sends video from Helmand, Afghanistan.

This story was pitched by Jerome himself and picked up by users. GFM extends its thanks to all the users that expressed interest in this story, before and after it was produced. The original story pitch on our blog can be found here.

“At the tip of the surge”

“Helmand’s Little America”

12 June 2009 – NASA returns to the moon – podcast

[Global for me]

Commissioned podcast by CBS Peter King’s podcast on NASA’s LRO and LCROSS lunar missions.

audio Click here to listen! – 2:15, 927KB (mp3 download)

King is a Kennedy Space Center correspondent for CBS.

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