Mission & Challenge

Make the news work for you.

Who are we?

That is a question worth asking, and something we’ll answer.

On July 22, 2009 Global for me issued a challenge to news readers, viewers and listeners alike. It was also a shot across the bow to news networks, and a flare in the sky to hard working journalists worldwide.

Since then, it’s become our call-to-order, our rallying banner, our mission statement.

We invite you to read and take part in the challenge. The key ingredient is you. Spread the word: make the news work for you.

Below is an image link to a PDF copy of our challenge. We provide the challenge as a PDF to encourage people like you to pass it on in e-mails, blog postings, etc. The PDF form is to make the viral spread as simple as possible.

E-mail it. Share it. Print it out. We don’t mind, that’s why we wrote it in the first place. Pass the word around.

Read the challenge in full. (PDF file, 59.2KB)

And for the only casually curious, here’s the simple text version. It’s effective, but not quite as pretty without the power of the PDF, we’re afraid:

It’s all a little overwhelming…

…to always be bombarded by the day’s news. At times you don’t know where it comes from, who sent it in or why that particular news bit is so important. Broadcasters may spend hours on one story, or stay riveted on certain parts of the world. “Hot items” and “hot spots,” some call it. Sometimes a story is squeezed like a sponge: it’s covered exhaustedly on television, radio or online for hours, even if only the tiniest droplets of information leak out per hour.

In the meantime, floods of news are happening in other parts of the world.

A floodgate stands between you and the reporter behind the news desk. That gate is the editor, not an editor in the spelling and grammer sense, but one that chooses which story runs, and which does not. But there’s a question that needs answering.

Why can’t you choose what you want out of all this?

Pick and choose your news…

…and skip the middle man. Open the floodgate and pluck what you want out of the water. Connect with the repoter behind the news desk.

Global for me is journalism for you. We are crowd funded, meaning that we do not rely on corporate advertising. There are no commercial breaks or sponsors. GFM works outside traditional media to deliver to you what you want. In essence, you’re the editor.

Our reporters are some of the best freelancers in the business. They live and report around the world – and every day they search for ways to deliver stories that news editors don’t pick up.

Why are we doing this? Over the last ten years, GFM’s parent and ad hoc news agency Global Radio News Ltd. has received many excited phone calls from its 600 freelance reporters.

Breaking news over here, they say.

But because the story was not in a “hot spot” or considered a “hot item,” it was not breaking news anywhere else. No TV or radio network called, and the story would go unreported. The editor floodgate remained shut.

Global for me is the missing floodgate key. We want to deliver the untold, unreported world stories. Determined readers such as yourself are the ones that can make this endeavor possible.

We issue this challenge: connect to the reporter behind the news desk, and make the news work for you.

Looking forward to working with you.

Henry Peirse
CEO, Global Radio News Ltd.

Read it? Thanks a bunch. We ask only for the tiniest moment of your time to spread the word if you like what you read. Help Global for me become global.

If the statement made you curious for any reason, by all means contact us with comments or info at info at globalfm dot com.

Thanks for your support. You’re the key ingredient to all this, you know.


–GFM Team

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