We’ve signed Tony Cowell!


Global for meheads up!

Tony Cowell signs on to GRN.

Evening, bloggers.

Huge announcement today, all having to do with one of the Cowell brothers.

Some readers will recognize that last name through one of TV’s most difficult-to-please judges: Simon Cowell. Well, his brother Tony has recently signed on to our parent company Global Radio News and several new projects are in the pipeline. Here’s a look at what’s coming:

GRN Signs Cowell

Tony Cowell has signed for Global Radio News Limited to act as his agents for all of his broadcast work.

Tony has over 20 years of journalistic experience and due to his close working relationship with his younger brother, X-Factor and American Idol mogul, Simon Cowell, Tony is the first person a radio or TV broadcaster should turn to for breaking news and gossip in the world of celebrities.

We’ve had Paula Abdul’s dramatic departure, Victoria Beckham tanking as her shock replacement- all this before the season of American Idol has even started! Not to mention the drama and tears as X-Factor gets underway in the UK later this month. Expect the new season of X-Factor to be the biggest and best yet with Tony Cowell as the eyes and ears on the inside.

GRN has arranged for Tony Cowell to become Real Radio’s official X-Factor correspondent.

As one of the few profitable broadcast news media businesses in the UK, let alone in the world, the potential of this new direction is exciting as it means that the agency which is usually associated with current affairs and breaking news, is now positioning itself to become less event-driven and thus take the company to the next level.

For further information please call:
Henry Peirse
020 7976 5335

The official press release by Real Radio is after the break in the blog post. Some of the new projects start today, so tune in.

All the best,


–GFM Team

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Bastille Day ’09 in London, a celebration for all (French)


Global for meen français…

Global For French Bastille Day London video report

Afternoon, bloggers!

Weeks ago, we launched our French version of our main website, as well as pitched a potential French-only story about Bastille Day celebrations in London. Our French readers answered in gusto.

So here it is. Catherine of Global for French has finished her Bastille Day in London report. We’ve uploaded it onto our YouTube channel for easy viewing, but if you want to see it in higher quality, head over to our VieBlogger page.

A message from Catherine…

Global For French vous présente son premier reportage vidéo consacré à la communauté française de Londres célébrant sa Fête Nationale à Battersea Park un dimanche de juillet…

Bastille Day London, un reportage de Catherine Tonero, Simon Fisher et Fabian Mofid.

Commentez, partagez et surtout donnez-nous vos idées pour de nouveaux reportages!


Catherine & Kim

–GFM Team

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“At the tip of the surge” – another video from Helmand, Afghanistan


Global for me videoupdate

for [Stories from Helmand]

Morning, bloggers!

Freelancer Jerome Starkey continues to upload videos from Helmand, Afghanistan to his YouTube Channel.

Here’s a second video of his work in an area hard-hit by the war in Afghanistan, “At the tip of the surge.”

Thank you, Jerome.

Jerome is the first British journalist to report from this region without the military in over a year. It’s freelance reporting about the locals’ points of view: their opinion of foreign troops, the military surge and how war has affected their lives.

We’re not sure what else is in store from Jerome. Keep close watch on his channel to see what else he may upload in the coming days. We’ll be sure to keep close watch, too.


–GFM Team

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Special thanks to Jerome Starkey for his work in the field.

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Video from Afghanistan’s “Little America” – founded 1950s, then forgotten


Global for me videoupdate

for [Stories from Helmand]

Afternoon again, bloggers!

Jerome Starkey e-mailed us an update from Helmand, Afghanistan.

Jerome is reporting in an area hard hit by the war in Afghanistan, but he also uncovered a strange world leftover from years past: Little America, a region in Afghanistan that he describes as “build on the sand” by US aid dollars in the 1950s, then forgotten.

Here’s an update on Jerome’s work via his YouTube channel.

Thanks for your hard work, Jerome.

To our readers: if you’d like to see more, head over to Jerome’s YouTube channel to view more videos, or read our original blog post about his proposed work. More donations can help this story reach its fullest.

As always, feel free to contact or comment on this developing story.


–GFM Team

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Special thanks to Jerome Starkey for his work in the field.

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Listen in: Exclusive podcast by CBS’ Peter King on NASA’s latest moon adventure



Afternoon, bloggers!

Your friendly neighborhood Global for me blogger here, just call me GFKim. Today I’m bringing a bit of news to you – with a twist.

Days ago, GFM followers expressed interest in NASA’s latest lunar project. We listened, and CBS Kennedy Space Center correspondent Peter King answered. This story was covered for you!

For those curious, GFM is a new journalism experiment by international news providor Global Radio News. GRN manages 600 freelance journalists all over the world, and now we want to make them available for news consumers like you. No “middle man” whatsoever. It’s about what you want covered, not news agencies. Step on up!

(Seriously, we’re not shy. Why should you be?)

Introductions aside, GFM is excited to present an exclusive podcast by King, commissioned by you.

audio CBS Peter King NASA lunar mission podcast – click here to listen!

Congratulations on making this happen. We’re glad to work with you…!

Also, don’t forget: NASA’s lastest moon exploration is far from over. Keep tabs on the story through fun little things such as LRO’s own little Twitter page, or LCROSS too. Or for those less fond of social media, follow the old-fashioned way through NASA’s LRO and LCROSS mission pages.

Perhaps if things get interesting, we can ask King to broadcast for you again…



–GFM Team

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