Global for meMissing! Where are the Uighur men?

[ Story Ticker ] October 21 update

Afternoon bloggers!

We’ve been worried by some recent news regards human rights in China.

Human Rights Watch, recently released a report in which they have delved into the aftermath of the riots in Xinjiang, the Urumqi capital of China this summer. Their undercover investigators revealed some worrying testimonies from locals.

The riots were the eruption of ongoing ethnic tensions in the region and the Uighurs were blamed for the violence. In the following weeks, large numbers of Uighur men were rounded up by the authorities.

Whilst many have been charged and 11 even given the death penalty- there are still huge numbers of unaccounted for and missing men whose families are being denied answers as to there whereabouts.

For more on this story, check out the pitch on the story page– we want to know more, do you?

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