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Update #2 from [A rubbish story].

Morning, bloggers!

Although it seemed by yesterday that the Brazilian rubbish story came to an end, Brazilian correspondent Simon Lane updated his blog on a different kind of “rubbish” stirring up Brazilian authorities.

Here’s a snippet of Simon’s Sell News blog here, hosted by our Global Radio News Ning network. Click on to read the full entry.

“Tourists Robbed in Rio Shock!” … THE LATEST !!!

Posted by Simon Lane on July 30, 2009 at 12:30am

“Two 23-year old English girls (women?) reported being robbed on Sunday here in Rio. Not exactly headline news except they were lying…” I started writing this story yesterday and was obliged to stop, thankfully, as I was asked to do a follow up on the rubbish story (toxic waste illegally imported from the UK). Well, sorry to be cruel, but now I realize there is no end to British rubbish in sight I must continue, if only to make a living. Read on.

Thanks again, Simon.

If you’re curious as to what all this rubbish is about, you can start at the beginning. It all began with a stranded ship containing illegally-imported rubbish (garbage) sitting off the Brazilian coast.

The first update to the rubbish story can be found here.

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