Video from Afghanistan’s “Little America” – founded 1950s, then forgotten

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Afternoon again, bloggers!

Jerome Starkey e-mailed us an update from Helmand, Afghanistan.

Jerome is reporting in an area hard hit by the war in Afghanistan, but he also uncovered a strange world leftover from years past: Little America, a region in Afghanistan that he describes as “build on the sand” by US aid dollars in the 1950s, then forgotten.

Here’s an update on Jerome’s work via his YouTube channel.

Thanks for your hard work, Jerome.

To our readers: if you’d like to see more, head over to Jerome’s YouTube channel to view more videos, or read our original blog post about his proposed work. More donations can help this story reach its fullest.

As always, feel free to contact or comment on this developing story.


–GFM Team

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Special thanks to Jerome Starkey for his work in the field.

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